Q: I’ve been in a car accident with no injuries. What should I do?

  1. Call the police so they can write an official report.
  2. Obtain the insurance information of the party at fault.
  3. The police will probably call a tow truck. If they do, tell them where you would like your car to be towed. Insurance will pay for the tow. If a policeman does not call a tow truck, you can call Ralph Perez Body Repairs and we’ll send one.

Q: Will my car ever be the same after the damage is repaired?

A: Yes. We can restore your automobile to pre-accident conditions, as if it came right out of the factory. People are often amazed that they cannot detect any trace of the accident once we’ve repaired their vehicle. It’s called doing things right.

Q: Do I have to use the body repair shop my insurance company refers me to?

A: No, the body shop your insurance company refers you to is a suggestion. Ultimately, you have the final decision, so do your homework and pick the right repair shop for you.

Q: How long can auto body repairs take?

A: The length of repairs differs according to the extent of the damage. We do repairs the right way, and this can sometimes take longer. This is because some parts may need to be removed in order to execute the repair process correctly.

Q: Can I describe the damage to you or send a picture and get an estimate over the phone?

A: Unfortunately, we’ll need to inspect the car in person. It’s the only way we can accurately assess damage.

Q: Can I drop off my car before or after your business hours?

A: For the safety of our client’s automobiles, our property is completely fenced in and security monitored. You can drop off your vehicle during business hours, Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm.

Q: How do I get home if my car needs to stay over night?

A: Two car rental companies are located nearby and can pick you up. If you have a second car waiting at home, we’d be happy to give you a ride there.

Q: What insurance companies do you accept?

A: We accept all major automotive insurance companies.

Q: Do you guarantee you work?

A: There is a lifetime guarantee on all our work. This does not include parts, which have their own guarantee.

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